Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Simplistic Needs

As you become older and what i mean by older is in your 40's and older you look at life with a whole new meaning. A new outlook if you will, then you did when you were just 30. You  no longer desire the complexity but the simplisty in your life. You no longer want the dramas of life that befall you in those 20 and 30 years. What you want is simple. You want someone to simply say that they love you, or just simply say whatever is on their mind. You want to go about your day without all of the nonesense of the world but only deal with the things that cost you nothing to bring about happiness and simplisticty in your life. People in their forties know that life is too short to waste on the unnecessary evils of the world because in their 40's you have now moved on to new issues that we didn't have in our 20's. you have eary signs of arthritis, and medical issues that make us take on a role of our parents where the kitchen cabinet now houses, not just our vitamins but now our everyday medicines just to keep our insides regulated. So who has time for the complexities in this life when it is much more enjoyable to live a happier and ultimately a healthier life just living it simply.

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