Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Making Love to a Woman

in this day and age, although some men think so, women are not that hard to understand. Yes, we are emotional but we are never hard to figure out. When you find that woman that you are ready to give your heart and body to you men have to remember one thing first if you expect to get the same in return, you have to make love to her mentally before you can make love to her sexually. And what i mean by that is that women think about everything. They like to hear that their men thinks only of them, or that you find them just as if not more attractive then Tyra Banks. They want to know what you think about them in the most positive light, where that feeling of positivity makes them believe, the very thing that you say to them every day. Once you have did the work to acquiring our mental you win the prize of not only winning our body but our heart as well. Since we are emotional creatures at heart ,if our mental is satisfied we now look to our bodies and heart to be satisfied to the fullest extent  just as our mental becomes fulfilled. And what you find that if you do it right that with every sexual encounter, there is compassion, passion, and exotic feelings that fulfills us mind, body, and soul. So that together we are fulfilled not only sexually but emotionally.

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