Friday, June 3, 2011

Appreciating Life

As the minutes of our lives become more and more complex I am forced to think about how short life has become. Babies dying from the most tragic events, teenagers dying just from swimming in the local creek, and then adults dying from anything ranging from bullets to car wrecks, just about everyday of the week. It is no longer you going to someone's funeral because sickness has overtaken them after they have lived almost 90 years, it is funerals of the most tragic and sometimes horrific events. At forty I have become more appreciative of the life that I have lived and the life I have before me. I have become wiser in that, life is never guarenteed and the ones you love will not and can not live forever. I have broadened my thoughts on the concept of enjoying all that God has given me and appreciating and the people, the true people who are in my life right now. There are no more thoughts of depression for the things that I don't have or the people I don't have in my life. My life is way too short. There is no more unhappiness for the things that I cannot change, for change is for the better because without it life would always be the same. And then there is no more heartache because the heartache that I have endured made me a stronger, and more loving person than I ever was before. These are lessons that I have learned to help me bring about true happiness in my life right now. And although death is still all around us, life is all around us as well. And as I transcend into my new beginning of entering my forties I have and will continue to learn to appreciate life!