Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Is it really a vacation?

As a mother in her forties I long for the day that I can take a meanful vacation. to be able to leave my home and journey off to another place, where it is peaceful and calm is the best feeling in the world. one that i anticipate every year around the same time and work extra hours just to have spending money to enjoy while I am off from my daily activities at work. You travel to another place family at your side and take up residence in that extravagant time shre property that mimics the house that you always wanted to own.  You settle in and plan out your activities of places that you want to visit with you and the kids and then explore what the night time has to offer for you and your significant other. And at most times you take at least two days out of that time to just stay in and cook at home as you do when you are back home during a regular week. But is it really a vacation? I mean you leave the duties of washing, cleaning, cooking to be on vaction but in a time share property aren't you still doing the same thing. I mean there is no maid that comes and cleans up for you so again if you don't want to live in filth what must you do...clean. If the kids mess up clothes you don't go out and buy something new..although I know a few that would... economically you really wouldn't. Is it a vacation because we rather do these everyday task somewhere else different if only for a week is that what makes this a true vacation? I don't now but the next vacation I go on a maid is coming with me....

Making Love to a Woman

in this day and age, although some men think so, women are not that hard to understand. Yes, we are emotional but we are never hard to figure out. When you find that woman that you are ready to give your heart and body to you men have to remember one thing first if you expect to get the same in return, you have to make love to her mentally before you can make love to her sexually. And what i mean by that is that women think about everything. They like to hear that their men thinks only of them, or that you find them just as if not more attractive then Tyra Banks. They want to know what you think about them in the most positive light, where that feeling of positivity makes them believe, the very thing that you say to them every day. Once you have did the work to acquiring our mental you win the prize of not only winning our body but our heart as well. Since we are emotional creatures at heart ,if our mental is satisfied we now look to our bodies and heart to be satisfied to the fullest extent  just as our mental becomes fulfilled. And what you find that if you do it right that with every sexual encounter, there is compassion, passion, and exotic feelings that fulfills us mind, body, and soul. So that together we are fulfilled not only sexually but emotionally.

Moment of Silence

In life our mornings can be our best or worst times of the day. You awake in the mornings, with a barrage of thoughts of all things you need to do that day, all the while dressing yourself, the kids, and sometimes your spouse. From the moment that you open your eyes, the day has begun even if you haven't. A rat race to get done all of the responsibilities of the morning before you could even worry about preparing yourself. And while we wish to begin our busy day with positivity and peace, we incorporate the morning news, that most times often set the tone of our days with reports of senseless muggings, killings, and child abucdtions. So instead of incorporating things that are depressing I now incorporate a moment of silence. This moment I share with only myself and my surroundings. I don't think about all of the things that I  have to do but only the beauty in the life that surrounds me at that moment. The T.V. that used to set the tone of the day is now replaced with my own thoughts of gratitude and happiness with the simple blessings that surround me everyday. Taking the time to appreciate life before indulging the realities of the world that aren't always so pleasant makes the mornings, simple and peaceful. So now i enjoy my mornings because I always find time to take my moment of silence.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Simplistic Needs

As you become older and what i mean by older is in your 40's and older you look at life with a whole new meaning. A new outlook if you will, then you did when you were just 30. You  no longer desire the complexity but the simplisty in your life. You no longer want the dramas of life that befall you in those 20 and 30 years. What you want is simple. You want someone to simply say that they love you, or just simply say whatever is on their mind. You want to go about your day without all of the nonesense of the world but only deal with the things that cost you nothing to bring about happiness and simplisticty in your life. People in their forties know that life is too short to waste on the unnecessary evils of the world because in their 40's you have now moved on to new issues that we didn't have in our 20's. you have eary signs of arthritis, and medical issues that make us take on a role of our parents where the kitchen cabinet now houses, not just our vitamins but now our everyday medicines just to keep our insides regulated. So who has time for the complexities in this life when it is much more enjoyable to live a happier and ultimately a healthier life just living it simply.