Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Moment of Silence

In life our mornings can be our best or worst times of the day. You awake in the mornings, with a barrage of thoughts of all things you need to do that day, all the while dressing yourself, the kids, and sometimes your spouse. From the moment that you open your eyes, the day has begun even if you haven't. A rat race to get done all of the responsibilities of the morning before you could even worry about preparing yourself. And while we wish to begin our busy day with positivity and peace, we incorporate the morning news, that most times often set the tone of our days with reports of senseless muggings, killings, and child abucdtions. So instead of incorporating things that are depressing I now incorporate a moment of silence. This moment I share with only myself and my surroundings. I don't think about all of the things that I  have to do but only the beauty in the life that surrounds me at that moment. The T.V. that used to set the tone of the day is now replaced with my own thoughts of gratitude and happiness with the simple blessings that surround me everyday. Taking the time to appreciate life before indulging the realities of the world that aren't always so pleasant makes the mornings, simple and peaceful. So now i enjoy my mornings because I always find time to take my moment of silence.

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