Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Is it really a vacation?

As a mother in her forties I long for the day that I can take a meanful vacation. to be able to leave my home and journey off to another place, where it is peaceful and calm is the best feeling in the world. one that i anticipate every year around the same time and work extra hours just to have spending money to enjoy while I am off from my daily activities at work. You travel to another place family at your side and take up residence in that extravagant time shre property that mimics the house that you always wanted to own.  You settle in and plan out your activities of places that you want to visit with you and the kids and then explore what the night time has to offer for you and your significant other. And at most times you take at least two days out of that time to just stay in and cook at home as you do when you are back home during a regular week. But is it really a vacation? I mean you leave the duties of washing, cleaning, cooking to be on vaction but in a time share property aren't you still doing the same thing. I mean there is no maid that comes and cleans up for you so again if you don't want to live in filth what must you do...clean. If the kids mess up clothes you don't go out and buy something new..although I know a few that would... economically you really wouldn't. Is it a vacation because we rather do these everyday task somewhere else different if only for a week is that what makes this a true vacation? I don't now but the next vacation I go on a maid is coming with me....

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